Mob Bounce Music

Medicine Music

Mob Bounce is Indigenous influenced Hip Hop with a fuse of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), with Traditional and Contemporary aspects. Both Travis and Craig's gripping lyricism delve into spirituality, social awareness/justice, and Mother Earth connection. Mob Bounce is a display of Hip Hop music and poetry with conviction.


Mob Bounce has been actively doing youth work since 2011. Over the last three years both Travis and Craig have been developing and facilitating a workshop catered to, but not exclusive to Indigenous youth. "Hip-Hop and a Sacred Space" is an interactive workshop that provides youth the opportunity and experience to learn Mob Bounce's approach to combining traditional and spiritual Indigenous Culture with contemporary methods of musical and artistic expression. Through this process, youth will hear both Craig and Travis's story of how Hip-Hop music went from being their outlet of self-expression to then becoming their own personal medicine. Mob Bounce teaches the youth concepts and techniques in understanding and developing a Sacred Space, with Hip-Hop lyric writing and Beat-Making as primary tools. To Mob Bounce, a Sacred Space is where we get to connect with our spirit, personal power, and potential. This is the space where intention and prayer meet goals and dreams.

Mob Bounce with the youth of Kispiox. Photo by Mavis Bonnie Pete-Dennis.

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